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May 16, 2020 - The Vegan Authority

Cows, the new lab rats

Cows, the new lab rats
Enslaved cowsFile Photo / © Photabulous!

Cows are being used to develop a possible antibody treatment for coronavirus.

"Scientists at SAb Biotherapeutics are planning to start studies this summer on coronavirus treatments created by using antibodies derived from cows with genetically engineered human immune systems," CNN reports. [1]

The SAb scientists in South Dakota have given cows part of a human immune system in the hope the animals' blood could help make a drug or antibody treatment to fight COVID-19.

These are genetically modified or manipulated cows injected with human chromosomes. A GMO, but we are not talking corn or soybeans, these are living sentient cows.

Scientists use genetic engineering to "create" a cow embryo that contains part of human chromosomes. After the calf is born and matures, a non-infectious part of the coronavirus is injected into the animal.

Once the virus is injected, the concept is that the cow produces human antibodies to fight it off. The antibodies are then collected from the cow, purified, then turned into a drug that could help, hopefully, combat the coronavirus - for humans.

[1] Researchers use cows to develop antibody treatment [video]

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