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May 26, 2020 - The Conversation

Coronavirus shows we must get serious about the well-being of animals

Coronavirus shows we must get serious about the well-being of animals
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COVID-19 raises crucial questions about how best to move forward from the pandemic and its many effects. We are reassessing key political and economic assumptions and perceptions of what is possible and desirable.

Basic income guarantees, public child care, loan forgiveness and other programs are laudably being considered as we recognize the fragility and interconnectedness of our socioeconomic web, and grapple with how to prevent future harm. 

We also need to take animals seriously. Our families, communities and society include animals. There are inspiring, mutually beneficial and even life-saving ways we engage with other animals. But animal suffering not only harms other species, it endangers our own. This is a significant ethical and moral matter. It is also fundamental to the future of our economic, environmental and physical health.

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