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Animal Rights

May 24, 2020 - Psychology Today

Compassionate Conservation, Sentience, and Personhood

Compassionate Conservation, Sentience, and Personhood
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Conservation efforts should be guided by compassion rather than by killing.

Compassionate conservation is based on the ethical position that actions taken to protect biodiversity should be guided by compassion for all sentient beings. Researchers in various disciplines including biology, psychology, sociology, social work, economics, political science, law, and philosophy working closely together have made substantial contributions to this rapidly growing international trandisciplinary field, and there are numerous success stories. The four guiding principles of compassionate conservation are: First Do No harm, Individuals Matter, Value All Wildlife, and Peaceful Coexistence.

Critics of compassionate conservation argue that there are three core reasons harming animals is acceptable in conservation programs: the primary purpose of conservation is biodiversity protection; conservation is already compassionate to animals; and conservation should prioritize compassion to humans.

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