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October 17, 2020 - Vice

China Is Building a City of Pig Apartments to Protect Their Herds from Swine Flu

China Is Building a City of Pig Apartments to Protect Their Herds from Swine Flu
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The high-rise pig "hotels" are expected to produce as many as 840,000 piglets a year.

Atop the heavily forested slopes of Mount Yaji, some 40 miles northeast of Beijing, a private agricultural company is building a veritable pig city: a cluster of high-rise apartment buildings—or, more accurately, factory farms—designed to accommodate the world’s largest herd of hogs.

It’s hoped that Guangxi Yangxiang’s half dozen tower blocks could future-proof China’s precious pig population against the risk of diseases like African swine fever, which has wiped out 200 million of the animals—or half the world’s population—since 2018. The “hotels” are designed to be sealed off in order to prevent contamination and, when complete, could collectively produce 840,000 piglets a year.

One of the structures is set to have as many as 13 vertically-stacked floors worth of pigs, making it the world's tallest building of its kind.

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