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August 10, 2019 - NPR

Chicken Plants See Little Fallout From Immigration Raids

Chicken Plants See Little Fallout From Immigration Raids
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"Meatpacking remains one of the most dangerous jobs in America," Ted Genoways, author of The Chain says. "And because of that, for really more than a century it's been a job that's very often done by first-generation immigrants who are just looking for a foot in the door and a way up the economic ladder in America.

"A quarter-century ago, journalist Tony Horwitz documented the miserable conditions in a chicken processing plant in a Pulitzer Prize-winning story for The Wall Street Journal. Industry observers say little has changed since then. "On a good day, the work is repetitive and stressful," Genoways says. "On a bad day, if there's a single mistake made by anyone in a group, there's a high risk of accident."

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