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September 07, 2019 - CBC News Canada

CANADA: This little piggy has found a new home

CANADA: This little piggy has found a new home
Mango the baby pigCredit: Saving Baby Mango - Facebook

Vets from across Ottawa banded together to save piglet found with broken leg on highway. It's still not known if the pig fell out of a vehicle or how it was injured.

Tara da Costa, a veterinarian initially thought the piglet would have to be euthanized, but she quickly realized he was a fighter. "He looked over me and said with his eyes like, 'Thank you' she said,

With the help of Alta Vista veterinarian Charles Bruce, Mango underwent surgery Friday. Bruce expects Mango to grow to full size. "Which is going to be huge, he'll be half a tonne," he said. Da Costa and Lara Cohen of the Aylmer Veterinary Clinic in Quebec are co-parenting the little pig, who they've since named Mango, after the animal fell asleep with a piece of the fruit in his mouth.

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