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April 03, 2019 -

Bunny Tale - Levine wants to exempt rabbits from proposed state fur ban

Bunny Tale - Levine wants to exempt rabbits from proposed state fur ban
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California's hot on the trail of Hawaii for bragging rights over which state will be the first to enact a ban on fur sales and manufacturing—but there's a potential catch in Sacramento when it comes to rabbits.

But citing concerns about the impact on Northern California's rabbit farmers, Assemblyman Marc Levine (D, San Rafael) has proposed an amendment that would exclude from the ban rabbits grown for their meat.

There's a small but sturdy rabbit farming industry in the North Bay that mostly provides meat to regional restaurants. Animal-rights advocates say Levine's proposal would defeat the purpose of the proposed ban on the sale of fur in California—and offer the state's rabbit industry a monopoly on legal fur production in the state.

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