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May 08, 2019 - El Pais

Barcelona’s push for an “animalist” zoo signals end of a 127-year era

Barcelona’s push for an “animalist” zoo signals end of a 127-year era
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The city of Barcelona has taken a historic step that signals the beginning of the end of the municipal zoo, at least such as it has existed in its 127 years of history.

Against a backdrop of growing sensitivity to animal rights, the city council has approved an amendment to the animal-protection ordinance, prohibiting breeding programs for species that cannot later be released back into their natural habitat.

The future of the other species will depend on the projects that are drafted by zoo management. Alejandra García, of the animal welfare group Libera, says: “Three years after the projects get drafted, any animals that cannot live in nature, such as apes, will no longer be bred, even if they are endangered. We cannot allow there to be animals wasting away in cages.”

VA: Carles Ribas, a government spokesperson, says that when the elephants die out, they will not be replaced.

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