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August 01, 2020 - The Sydney Morning Herald

AUSTRALIA: 'Senseless': Nets catch 480 animals including many protected species

AUSTRALIA: 'Senseless': Nets catch 480 animals including many protected species
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The number of animals caught in NSW's shark nets jumped more than a fifth in the latest season, trapping more than 180 threatened or protected species.

The shark meshing program run by the Department of Primary Industries found 480 animals were caught in the 51 shark nets placed near popular beaches between Wollongong and Newcastle during the September to April netting period.

That total was up from the 395 caught during the previous year, and was the largest catch since 2015-16, according to Lawrence Chlebeck, a marine biologist with Humane Society International. Almost 60 per cent of the animals caught died in the nets, a slightly higher proportion than in previous years.

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