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September 25, 2020 - Canberra Times

AUSTRALIA: Hope for last survivors of whale stranding

AUSTRALIA: Hope for last survivors of whale stranding
Pilot whales - freeCredit: Barney Moss

Rescuers are hopeful of saving about 20 surviving pilot whales involved in Australia largest mass stranding on Tasmania's west coast.

As of Thursday evening, 88 whales from the 470-strong group stranded on sand bars in Macquarie Harbour earlier this week had been freed.

"If we'd said on Monday when we were going through our plans that we'd get 90 off the bar then we'd have been very happy with that," wildlife biologist Kris Carlyon said.

"It's a fantastic result for us." Efforts on Friday will focus on about 20 remaining whales considered to have a good chance of surviving.

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