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September 17, 2020 - Splash 24/7

Are livestock carriers synonymous with disaster?

Are livestock carriers synonymous with disaster?
Livestock Carrier ShipCredit: Ken Hodge / Flickr

You might recall the novel turned hit movie Life if Pi about the the sordid tale of the capsizing of a cargo ship which was transporting zoo animals from Pondicherry to Canada. The tale focuses on the struggle and adjustment of the protagonist—Mr Pissing Patel—with a Bengal tiger. Despite its appearance as realistic and vivid, it was a work of fiction

However, we have something which is much more brutal than the Yann Martell novel and realistic and fresh as it happened just this month.

The Gulf Livestock 1 with 43 crew and nearly 6,000 cattle capsized and sank off the coast of Japan on the night of September 2 after reportedly losing an engine in rough seas caused by Typhoon Maysak. As of today, only two crew members have survived. The Japanese coastguard found another unconscious crew member, who was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. It is reported by the coastguard that they have found carcasses of many dead cattle.

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