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August 18, 2019 - Washington Post

Are goats the new weed whackers? Plenty of people want them to be

Are goats the new weed whackers? Plenty of people want them to be
Credit: Marc Schulte

Gladys refuses to get into her trailer. She has a point. It's late July, her trailer has no air conditioning, and it's full of goats.

Gladys is also a goat, though she’s shorter and lumpier than the others in the herd, like a corgi among deer. She’s got one horn and a King Tut-style beard. Her objections are noted, but supervising forester and Eco-Goats owner Brian Knox carries her into the trailer with the rest of the team — which is on its way to work. These are professional goats; they are hired to eat excess vegetation.

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