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October 07, 2019 - The Vegan Authority

33rd Horse “Drops Dead” at Santa Anita

33rd Horse “Drops Dead” at Santa Anita
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Ky. Colonel, killed training at Santa Anita October 5, 2019.

5-year-old Ky. Colonel “dropped dead” while training at Santa Anita Saturday morning.  Again, “dropped dead” – at the still-pubescent age of five. This will be the 33rd horse to die at the Santa Anita Park in Southern California since December.

While Santa Anita has tragically been in the news too often in the past year, more than 5,000 racetrack deaths (he calls them “kills”), mostly thoroughbreds have occurred over the past 5 years. Almost every day—sometimes twice a day—Patrick Battuello ads a new post to his website, documenting the tragedies.

Those profiting from horse racing, a $15 billion dollar industry, are loath to highlight the dangers to the horses forced to participate or the ultimate casualties that tragically occur each year.

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