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September 20, 2020 - PETA UK

8 Million Animals Spared: Poland to Ban Fur Farming

8 Million Animals Spared: Poland to Ban Fur Farming
Fox like those used in fur farming in Poland© Photabulous!

PETA is celebrating a huge victory for minks, foxes, and raccoon dogs, as the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament) has voted in favour of a fur-farming ban.

Poland is the world’s third-largest fur producer, after China and Denmark, and the ban will spare the lives of the more than 8 million animals who are raised and violently killed for their fur in the country every year. Unfortunately, rabbits are not included in the ban.

Earlier this month, PETA Germany sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland calling for a fur-farming ban, and nearly 90 thousand of supporters of PETA affiliates have sent messages to Polish officials.

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