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October 13, 2020 - Green Queen

8 Fun Facts You Should Know About The World’s First Vegan Museum

8 Fun Facts You Should Know About The World’s First Vegan Museum
Exhibits in The Vegan Museum in ChicagoCredit: The Vegan Museum

Last month, the National Vegetarian Museum in Chicago changed its name to The Vegan Museum to better reflect the organisation’s mission to promote vegan lifestyles for health, the environment and all animals. It represents the only institution of its kind, dedicated to documenting the deep and rich history of the vegetarian movement in the U.S. with travelling exhibitions and events displayed across the Chicago metropolitan area.

It’s the only museum solely dedicated to plant-based history. While other museums may include vegetarianism or veganism as part of their exhibitions, The Vegan Museum is the only one dedicated to preserving specifically the history of the topic and educating visitors about the multitude of benefits that come with living a vegan lifestyle, from saving all animals from exploitation to our own health, and the planet’s too.

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