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August 06, 2019 - Life Advancer

8 Fun Facts about Raccoons That Will Make You Smile

8 Fun Facts about Raccoons That Will Make You Smile
Credit: Gary BendigFile Photo / © Photabulous!

No one can forget a face with a zorro-like mask.

The raccoon is intelligent. Scientists challenged a few of these creatures with the Aesop’s Fable test. If you’re familiar with the story, you’ll know that the protagonist is a crow that drops stones in a pitcher to raise the water level in it. Researchers have adopted it as a standard for animal intelligence. They put a few raccoons in a room with a cylinder of water with marshmallows in it. The raccoons had to find a way to increase the water level to reach the snacks, which two of them did after the researchers showed them what to do. One was unusually bright and toppled the cylinder over.

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