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December 10, 2018 - One Green Planet

7 Stress-Busting Plant-Based Nutrients To Add To Your Diet This Winter

7 Stress-Busting Plant-Based Nutrients To Add To Your Diet This Winter
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Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine or the chaos of the holidays, or perhaps a particularly challenging relative at the dinner table! Either way, stress levels can quickly rise during the months of November and December, resulting in gloomy moods and a less than positive outlook. But fear not–good nutrition can help you combat these stresses! Here are 7 stress-busting nutrients that are crucial to incorporate into your diet, as well as information on the foods containing them, and some delicious recipes to get you motivated. You’ll be mentally prepared for the holiday season in no time.

VA: Traditional thinking equates milk with a good source of calcium, but calcium is found in several plant-based sources, which are far healthier and vegan. Some good plant-based calcium rich foods include sesame seeds, leafy greens (especially collard greens and kale), blackstrap molasses, and beans.

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