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April 14, 2019 - Spoon University

7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Hummus into Your Week

7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Hummus into Your Week
Credit: Lacey WilliamsFile Photo / © Photabulous!

One of those things I can eat daily, by far, is hummus (or should I say, the most addicting spread ever created by the human race.) What makes this spread so absolutely remarkable?

Besides the taste and texture, which is perfectly creamy and delectable, its nutritional value is what truly makes me a hummus girl at heart.

The advantage of hummus is that it is extremely versatile and goes with so many different meals and snacks! You just have to get a little imaginative.

VA: Hummus can be made without oil to reduce the fat. Just add a little more liquid, such as fresh squeezed lemon juice, water or liquid from chick peas.

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