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May 04, 2019 - SELF

5 Energizing, Plant-Based Dishes This R.D. Relies on During Ramadan

5 Energizing, Plant-Based Dishes This R.D. Relies on During Ramadan
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The annual month of fasting from dawn to dusk, engaging in spiritual worship, and helping the less fortunate is a way for me to re-center my spirituality ... But, as a registered dietitian, that gives me an exciting opportunity to experiment with the best ways to power my body and mind.

My focus on plant-based meals started when I tried going vegan for a week a few months ago. I realized that I could optimize my nutrition by adding so many more vegetables and plant-based proteins to my meals, but that I also didn’t need to sacrifice taste in the process. Yes, even as a registered dietitian, it took some experimenting for me to figure out exactly how to do this. It’s still a learning process for me.

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