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December 24, 2018 - Vox

2018’s big wins — and big losses — for animals

2018’s big wins — and big losses — for animals
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More than 50 billion land animals suffered and died on factory farms this year. Until we figure out how to change that, it’s hard to call any year good for animals.

From one perspective, factory farming of animals is one of the few social problems in the world today that, rather than getting better, gets worse each year, as we continue to breed animals in terrible, even monstrous conditions and as we have more people to feed. 

Will MacAskill talked about the paradox in a recent interview with Vox’s Sean Illing: 

"We know that people’s attitudes toward nonhuman animals — in the West, at least — have improved. People appreciate that nonhuman animals deserve our moral consideration too. At the same time, we’re inflicting more and more suffering on nonhuman animals in factory farms every year."

VA: Most of the 'wins' in 2018 were welfarist in nature such as the reform in California calling for more space for "cages animals".

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