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September 16, 2020 - PETA UK

19 Facts to Debunk Dairy Myths

19 Facts to Debunk Dairy Myths
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Plant-based or dairy milk – which is better for the planet? As animal-exploiting industries continue to spout misleading claims, we’ve checked the facts. Here are 19 points to keep in mind when choosing a milk.

Let’s start with deforestation. Greenpeace estimates that 90% of the world’s soya crop is fed to animals raised for human consumption.

Only about 6% of soya beans grown worldwide are consumed by humans.

Animal agriculture is the major driver of deforestation. According to the Global Forest Atlas, 80% of deforestation in the Amazon is driven by cattle ranching, either to graze cows or grow soya to feed them. Palm oil products are also fed to cows, driving deforestation in Asia and South America.

Soya milk isn’t the only option. Non-dairy milks are also made from oats, rice, almonds, peas, and more – and like soya milk, all of them are better for the environment than cows’ milk.

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