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July 31, 2020 - One Green Planet

10 Heartbreaking Videos of Sea Animals Harmed by Plastic Pollution

10 Heartbreaking Videos of Sea Animals Harmed by Plastic Pollution
Seal caught in plastic rope© Photabulous!

Single-use plastics are something that almost everyone comes in contact with on a daily basis. They are convenient, long-lasting, and so ubiquitous that its difficult to find any product that doesn’t at least use some plastic packing.

Unfortunately, plastic’s durability is one of the traits that makes it simultaneously so popular and so dangerous. Only around twelve percent of plastic objects get recycled, which is especially worrisome considering the fact that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Even then, plastic only becomes microplastic, which is still harmful to people, animals, and the environment.

Plastic pollution is a huge issue that we are facing right now. Our oceans are so full plastic that there is a “huge, swirling pile of trash” in the ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The area is around 1.6 million kilometers large, which is about three times the size of France.

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