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January 21, 2021 - Vice

'Plant-Based' Doesn't Mean Anything Anymore

'Plant-Based' Doesn't Mean Anything Anymore
Plant-base labelling© Photabulous!

The words 'plant-based' have become overused to the point of being meaningless. Please welcome Chipotle's Shawn Mendes cauliflower rice bowl to the chat.

Several days ago, someone on Twitter asked the @MiracleNoodle account why it calls its Miracle Rice "plant-based," since the non-miracle version of rice has spent several thousand years being unquestionably plant-based. "All of our products are plant-based and our company takes pride in that," Miracle Noodle responded. "Just another way of saying we are vegan."

The words 'plant-based' have become overused to the point of being meaningless, and Miracle Rice with its pink packaging and lower-case typeface looks like it was designed to become part of the permanent collection in the Museum of the Unnecessary.

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