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July 22, 2019 - The Guardian

'It just didn't make any sense': why Australians are turning away from meat

'It just didn't make any sense': why Australians are turning away from meat
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Australians are among the biggest meat eaters in the world, but that's changing. Recent converts to diets with less meat explain their motives.

There is a scene in the documentary Blue Planet II where a harlequin tuskfish, a 30cm long inhabitant of the Great Barrier Reef, uses a bump on a coral to break open a clam. The coral is littered with broken clam shells. The fish clearly uses this spot a lot. It strikes the coral repeatedly until the clam gives way. The scene lasts three minutes and ends with a quiet word from Sir David Attenborough. “So here is a fish that uses tools,” he says. “Some fish are much cleverer than you might suppose.” Sitting on his couch in Rockingham, Western Australia, Craig Buchanan was astonished. “It blew me away that fish could do something as complex as that,” he says..

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